Surgical Services for Pets

We prioritize your pet's comfort and care from surgery to recovery.

Simcoe Animal Hospital doctors perform a variety of procedures in our surgery suite. Surgeries range from spays and neuters to more advanced surgeries such as bladder stone removal. Your pet is monitored by a highly trained Registered Veterinary Technician while the veterinarian performs the operation. In addition, various monitoring devices that analyze heart rate and function, oxygen levels in the blood stream, body temperature, and blood pressure during surgery.

What can I expect on the day of my pet’s surgery?

Upon admission, the technician will present you with a surgical consent form. This form will confirm the surgery, as well as give you the option to authorize a microchip to be implanted at that time, if your pet does not already have one. We will require your signature on the form, as well as a phone number where we will be able to contact you throughout the day.​

How should I prepare my pet for their surgery?

Preparations depend on your pet’s specific case. Don’t worry! Our team will make sure you are thoroughly briefed on everything you have to do to get your pet ready for surgery. Below is our general Pre-Surgery Checklist that you can have a look at. Again, each pet is different so your own personalized list may look different from this:

Pre-Surgery Checklist

  • No food the night before surgery after 9:00pm
  • Water overnight is OK. Remove water morning of surgery
  • Give no medications the morning of the surgery, unless instructed by the veterinarian
  • Give lots of extra hugs and kisses!​
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