Nutrition Counselling for Pets

Optimize your pet’s diet with professional guidance.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy throughout their life. At Simcoe Animal Hospital, we will be your partner in making sure your pet has the fuel they need to be as strong as possible. With our help, we can tailor their diet to the unique needs of their breed and lifestyle. If your furry family member does develop a weight problem – either they are overweight or underweight – our veterinary team can conduct health screening tests to rule out medical issues and get your pet started on a food and exercise plan to get them in better shape. We can identify the ideal weight for your pet and recommend specific brands and formulations of pet food.

How can I help my cat or my dog lose weight?

Only after a consultation and exam, can we determine the best treatment plan for your pet. That being said, there are some universal changes that you can take today. First, begin by restricting the amount of calories your pet eats in a day. Try to feed them with only healthy foods with high quality ingredients. Instead of rewarding them with treats, you can instead give your pet toys, play with them or show positive body gestures like hugs or pats. You can also try increasing your pet’s activity levels by taking them out on more walks or playing more with them. Be mindful of your pet’s health condition. If they are a senior pet, for example, opt for low-impact activities like swimming, which are easier on their joints.

What happens during a pet nutritional consultation?

One of our registered veterinary technicians will meet with you and your pet. They will take your pet’s weight and conduct a body condition assessment. This information combined with a detailed diet history provided by you, will help them formulate a weight loss or weight gain plan designed specifically for you and your pet’s lifestyle and unique needs.

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