The only permanent, reliable way to identify a lost pet and ensure a happy reunion.

Microchipping is a simple, safe and quick procedure. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted under the skin by a veterinarian. It takes only minutes and lasts a lifetime. If your pet becomes lost and is transported to a clinic or shelter, they can scan your pet for a chip and get the information to contact you. We at Simcoe Animal Hospital believe microchipping is important and feel that every animal should be chipped for their own safety. If you have any questions or concerns about microchipping, please feel free to give us a call at 519-426-0111. We would be happy to speak with you.

Does microchipping hurt?

Not at all! Microchipping feels very much like a regular injection. We typically do not use anesthesia for the procedure. The microchip is inserted using a special type of needle, or a very small incision, not much larger than a grain of rice, is made to place the device inside your pet. Any form of discomfort pets may feel will be minimal and short-term.

What age do puppies or kittens have to be before they are microchipped?

We recommend that you wait until your pet is about 6-weeks-old before they are microchipped. During a consultation, our team can determine if your kitten or puppy is ready for a microchipping procedure.

How much does microchipping cost?

Please call us for our most up-to-date service rates and charges.

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