Deworming Services for Pets

Protect your pet from deadly parasites by deworming them regularly.

To protect your furry family member from harmful parasites that can cause life-threatening complications and transmit dangerous diseases, it’s absolutely important they are put on an effective deworming treatment. At Simcoe Animal Hospital, we have many different options for preventing and treating intestinal parasites such as worms. Please call us at 519-426-0111 to schedule a consultation so we can talk more about the treatments that will best suit your pet.

What is deworming?

Also done in humans, deworming is the process of giving your pet anthelmintic drugs to boost their immunity against, or to rid them of tapeworms, roundworms and other similar types of parasites. The medication comes in different forms such as tablets and spot-on treatments.

How long does it take for deworming to work?

Usually, the medications work incredibly fast. They usually kill any worms in your pet’s system in a matter of hours. If you choose a drug that paralyses the intestinal worms, you may see the dead worms in your pet’s stool. Other drugs, however, break apart the worms, so they may not be as visible. Either way, don’t be alarmed! Seeing the worms for yourself is a good sign, as this means they are no longer living inside your loyal companion.

What is a deworming schedule?

A deworming schedule, like vaccines, is a series of medical treatments recommended for your pet. A proper deworming schedule can help prevent the transmission of worms and worm eggs. Usually, pets receive their first round of deworming when they are kittens or puppies. But, they must continue to get dewormed even into adult age, in order to remain protected.

What are the signs or symptoms of worms?

Although each pet may react differently to these parasites, in general, you can watch out for these common symptoms: diarrhea, soft stools, foul odour to the stool, or irritation around the rectum. That being said, some cats and dogs can show no symptoms at all. For this reason, it is important your pet sees us for a full-body examination regularly, so we can conduct tests to screen for worms and other health issues.

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