Dermatology Services

Specialized care for diagnosing and treating skin conditions in dogs and cats.

Your pet’s skin and fur are vital parts of their overall well-being. As such a large organ and part of their body, pets can develop so many different kinds of dermatological problems. Unfortunately, your pet can get anything from acute conditions such as hives or external parasites, to chronic conditions such as allergies or immunological conditions. Rest assured, we are here for you to help you get ahead of these conditions and ensure your pet is properly diagnosed and treated. Reach out to us at 519-426-0111 to learn more.

What are the causes of allergic skin diseases in pets?

Our furry family members usually inherit their allergic skin diseases. Some breeds are more susceptible to developing conditions. Exposure to certain allergens like pollen, mould, and dust can also jumpstart different types of allergic reactions in dogs and cats.

What are the symptoms of skin disease or skin allergies in pets?

Although every pet is different, some of the most common signs you can keep an eye on are itchiness, rough coat, dry/oily/crusty skin, poor hair growth, flatulence and ear infections. Behaviours such as excessive licking, scratching and rubbing of their groin, ears, feet and other areas are also other general signs of adverse skin reactions and allergies.

How are skin allergies and skin issues treated in pets?

After a consultation at the hospital, we can determine the best course of action to treat your pet’s skin health problem. Some of the most popular and effective methods for treating dermatologic problems in pets are: medicated baths, antihistamines, supplements and hypoallergenic diets. As always, please feel free to reach out to our team with any of your questions or concerns.

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