Tracy Client Care Representative

Tracy joined the Simcoe Animal Hospital team in January 2008 as a veterinary assistant, animal care attendant and client care representative.

Labelled as the "Crazy Cat Lady" at her previous clinic in Niagara, she was ecstatic to find that she wasn't alone here in Norfolk County. Many other people, including other members of the Simcoe Animal Hospital team, also had multiple cats (and other pets) that they shared their homes and hearts with - a trait to truly be admired.

Tracy's passion for helping animals also includes understanding their behaviour. "Our pets have just as many feelings as we do, the key is to be aware of what they are trying to tell you." She believes that it is imperative for clients to understand more then just their pets basic needs and helps to educate them so they can both live happily every after.

In her spare time, Tracy loves spending time with her family and friends. She also likes reading, photography and taking long walks. She shares her home and her heart with her "Crazy Cat Guy," Glen, and their four amazing fur kids. "Seeing their adorable faces greet me at the the door after a long day at work, always brings a smile to my face."